SM Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science

In Press Articles

Volume 2 Issue 1 - 2019
  • Short Communication

    First Record of Culex (Culex) Coronator (Diptera: Culicidae) in Havana, Cuba

    Author(s): Kibruyesfa Bayou and Tariku Taddesse

  • Research Article

    Hematological and Biochemical Parameters of West African Dwarf (WAD) Goats Fed Wheat Offal-Carried Pineapple Waste (WCPW)

    Author(s): Ayandiran SK, Odeyinka SM and Oyebanji BO

  • Research Article

    Comparative Myoarchitectural Orientation of the Extrinsic Lingual Muscles of the Egyptian Cattle (Bos Taurus), Buffalo (Bubalus Bubalis) and Camel (Camelus Dromedarius)

    Author(s): Mohamed A Nazih*