SM Journal of Vaccine Research


Volume 1 Issue 1 - 2015
  • Letter to the Editor

    Dengue Virus Infection: Current Challenges and Future Perspectives

    Author(s): Eduardo L V Silveira

  • Letter to the Editor

    The Brazilian Experience on BCG Immunization and the Development of New Vaccines against Tuberculosis

    Author(s): Paulo R Z Antas

  • Letter to the Editor

    The Challenges of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases in the 21st Century

    Author(s): Mohamud Sheek Hussein

  • Review Article

    Progress Towards Measles Elimination: Oman Experience

    Author(s): Salah T Al Awaidy, Said Al Baqlani, Salim Al Mahrouqi, Badder Al Rawahi, Suleiman Al Busaidi, Idris Al Obaidani, Maryam Al Shabibi, Hosammudin Mohammed NwarAl Den, Adil Mohammed Al Barwani, Aisha Said Al Amri, Nadia Teleb

  • Case Study

    Avian Influenza Type A-H5N1 Epidemiological Model: Puerto Rico as a Case Study

    Author(s): Cruz-Aponte M, Collazo-Rivera M

Volume 1 Issue 2 - 2015
  • Letter to the Editor

    Schistosome Immunomics: High-Throughput Vaccine and Diagnostic Antigen Discovery

    Author(s): Jian Li, Yang Guo, Bei Li, Xuzhi Ruan, Zongyun Chen

  • Editorial

    Vaccination Coverage and Sustaining Control of Measles in Africa: A Global Health Perspective

    Author(s): Olivia G Mendel, Stephanie K King, Juliet N Sekandi

  • Editorial

    Nanovaccine Delivery Systems in Vaccine Formulations

    Author(s): Aruni Wilson

  • Review Article

    Therapeutic Vaccination against Cancers - A Conceptual Overview with Updates on the Immunological Approach

    Author(s): Huang FP

  • Research Article

    Evaluation of a Polyvalent Vaccine Obtained From Divergent Low Pathogenic H5N2 Isolates of the Avian Influenza Virus in Mexico

    Author(s): Elia Armas Bojorquez, Edith Rojas Anaya, Gary Garcia Espinosa, Fernando Diosdado Vargas and Elizabeth Loza-Rubio

  • Review Article

    Induction of Autoimmune Diseases Following Vaccinations: A Review

    Author(s): Daniil Hammoudi, Adekunle O Sanyaolu, Verner N Orish, Onyekachi S Onyeabor, Imene Benayache, Danny A-S Hammoudi, Nnaemeka C Iriemenam, Katherine Ellard and Kyle Ridge

  • Research Article

    Laboratory Detection of Bordetella pertussis: Are the Household Contacts a Major Sources of Infection for Infants?

    Author(s): Daniela Leite, Luciano Moura Martins, Cleiton Eduardo Fiorio, Roberta Morozetti Blanco, Jose Cassio de Moraes, Eitan N Berezin, Telma Regina MP Carvalhanas and Lucia Ferro Bricks

Volume 2 Issue 1 - 2016
  • Special Article: Cancer Vaccines

    Immunotherapy and Vaccination as Cancer Treatments

    Author(s): Kyle Sutherland, Adryan Perez and Chuanhai Cao

  • Editorial

    BCG Vaccination - Still a Concern

    Author(s): Persio Roxo-Junior

  • Special Article- Influenza Vaccines

    Vaccination against Influenza

    Author(s): Filippo de Nicolellis

  • Special Article- Influenza vaccines

    Pharmacist as Immunization Provider in Manitoba: Canada

    Author(s): Yichun Wei, Songul Bozat-Emre, Inga Hossack and Tim Hilderman

  • Research Article

    DNA Vaccines Delivered by Microneedle and Tattoo Gun Induce Protective Immune Responses to HLA-A2.1 Restricted CRPV E1 and HPV16E7 Epitopes in HLA-A2.1 Transgenic Rabbits

    Author(s): Jiafen Hu, Callie E Bounds Lynn R Budgeon Nancy M Cladel Karla Balogh and Neil D Christensen

  • Review Article

    Development of a Whole-Cell Cancer Vaccine Containing Accumulated Intracellular Interleukin-15: Current Knowledge and Progression

    Author(s): Daniel P Griffin and W Robert Fleischmann Jr

  • Short Communication

    Global Health Challenges: Failure of Measles Vaccination Coverage in Nigeria

    Author(s): Stephanie K King, Olivia G Mendel and Juliet N Sekandi