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SM Journal of Urology



Volume 1 Issue 1 - 2015
  • Editorial

    The Cutoff Level of Free/Total Prostate Specific Antigen (f/t PSA) Ratios in the Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer: Current Status and Future Perspectives

    Author(s): Bulent Erol

  • Research Article

    Radioisotope Guided Sentinel Lymph Node Dissection in Prostate Cancer: Rate of Lymph Node Involvement Depending on Preoperative Tumor Characteristics in More Than 2,100 Patients

    Author(s): Alexander Winter, Svenja Engels, Marie-Christin Suykers, Rolf-Peter Henke and Friedhelm Wawroschek

  • Case Report

    Isolated Testicular Tuberculosis Mimicking Testicular Cancer: A Case Report and Literature Review

    Author(s): Kerem Taken, Selami Ekin, Ozcan Canbey, Mustafa Gunes and Gulay Bulut

  • Clinical Case

    Giant Renal Cyst in a Pregnant Woman

    Author(s): Selahattin Caliskan

  • Editorial

    A Call for a Greater Emphasis upon Smoking Cessation in Urology

    Author(s): John Maa, Tom Feng and Mark Vogel

Volume 1 Issue 2 - 2015
  • Editorial

    Lower Pole Kidney Stones: PCNL, FURS, OR ESWL?

    Author(s): Yanbo Wang

  • Research Article

    Penile Strangulation: A Case Report and Novel Management Strategy

    Author(s): Carrie Yeast, Jeffrey Marks, Danny Huynh, Garry Johnson and Mark Wakefield

  • Review Article

    Calcineurin Inhibitor - A Necessary Evil: Pharmacogenetical Approach to a Promising Future

    Author(s): Lexi Zhang, Chenli Gu, Shang Huang, Ruiming Rong and Tongyu Zhu

  • Case Report

    Median Raphe Cyst of the Scrotum in an Adult Patient

    Author(s): Caliskan S, Sungur M and Bas Y

  • Research Article

    Rapamycin Ameliorates Renal Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury via Remodeling Immune Microenvironment

    Author(s): Chao Zhang, Lingyan Wang, Yi Zhang, Cheng Yang and Ruiming Rong

  • Review Article

    ATP Signalling in the Urinary Bladder

    Author(s): Ana Charrua and Miguel Cordeiro J

  • Editorial

    The Urgent Need for New Therapeutical Approaches for Renal and Bladder Cancer: Mitochondrial Non-Coding RNAs as Efficient Targets

    Author(s): Vincenzo Borgna, Lorena Lobos-Gonzales, Veronica Silva, Constanza Lopez, Mariela Araya, Emanuel Jeldez, Veronica Burzio, Teresa Socias, Luis O. Burzio and Jaime Villegas

Volume 2 Issue 1 - 2016
  • Research Article

    Negative Association of Chronic Inflammation with High-Grade Prostate Tumors Treated by Radical Prostatectomy

    Author(s): Timothy Stark

  • Research Article

    Collecting Duct of Bellini Renal Carcinoma

    Author(s): Yongqing Lai

  • Case Report

    An Uncommon Cause of Urge Urinary Incontinence in Female Patient: Huge Bladder Stone

    Author(s): Cem Basatac and Mehmet Cagatay Cicek

  • Review Article

    Chain of Stones in Distal Ureter: Is there any Role of Open Ureterolithotomy in Era of Endourological Intervention?

    Author(s): Ankur Bansal

  • Case Report

    An Unusual Foreign Body in the Urethra

    Author(s): Shinichi Sakamoto

Volume 2 Issue 2 - 2016
  • Case Report

    Diarrhoea as a Presenting Feature of Renal Cell Carcinoma, a Case Report and Review of Literature

    Author(s): Ashok Kumar Gupta, Bimalesh Purkait, Kawaljit Singh, Ashok Kumar Sokhal and Durgesh Kumar Saini

  • Editorial

    Finasteride in Prostate Cancer: A Hope or Hype

    Author(s): Neelima Dhingra

  • Review Article

    Diabetes Mellitus is Associated with High Grade and High Stage in Urinary Bladder Cancer

    Author(s): Mustafa Ozan Horsanali, Kutan Ozer, Sacit Nuri Gorgel and Emin Ozbek

  • Case Report

    Acute Aortic Thrombosis after Radical Cystectomy

    Author(s): Abdelhamid Hachimi

Volume 3 Issue 1 - 2017
  • Case Report

    Chylous Clot Removal Using Morecellator: A Novel Method

    Author(s): Ankur Bansal, Ankur Jhanwar, Gaurav Prakash and Satyanarayan Sankhwar

  • Research Article

    Endourological Management of Forgotten Double J Ureteral Stents: A Single Centre Study

    Author(s): Ankur Jhanwar, Ankur Bansal, Gaurav Prakash and Satyanarayan Sankhwar

  • Review Article

    Can Renal Denervation during Nephron Sparing Surgery for Renal Cell Carcinoma Prevent De Novo Hypertension Occurrence and Potentially Confer a Survival Benefit?

    Author(s): Yoshihide Ogawa, Yuho Kouno and Hiromichi Suzuki

  • Research Article

    Quality of Life Outcomes after Rehabilitation Treatment in Men Undergoing Prostatectomy for Prostate Cancer: A Cohort Study

    Author(s): Jordi Mallol-Badellino, Sandra Mateo-Lozano, Noelia Carmelo-Ramirez, Montse Martin-Baranera, Jesus Tinoco-Gonzalez and Eva Moreno-Atanasio

  • Research Article

    The Effect of Blood Groups and Rhesus Factor on Prognosis and Survival in Bladder Cancer Patients Underwent Radical Cystectomy

    Author(s): Sacit Nuri Gorgel, Kutan Ozer, Osman Kose, Alper Cihat Erdal, Ahmet Selçuk Dindar and Enis Mert Yorulmaz

Volume 3 Issue 2 - 2017
  • Case Report

    Post Abdomino-Perineal Resection Urethrocutaneous Fistula: A Rare Cause of Persistent Perineal Sinus and its Minimal Invasive Technique of Management

    Author(s): Sandeep Nunia, Priyank Yadav, Prempal Singh, Devarshi Srivastava, Ankur Bansal and Aneesh Srivastava

  • Research Article

    Effectiveness and Safety of Bilateral Same-Session Ureteroscopy-A Prospective Study

    Author(s): Yi Zhang and Cheng-Fan Yu

  • Short Communication

    Best Catheter Size in Performing Invasive Urodynamics

    Author(s): Haitham Abdelmoteleb

  • Research Article

    Prediction of Non-Progression in Prostate Cancer Patients under Active Surveillance by DNA-Karyometry

    Author(s): Alfred H Böcking, David Friedrich, Cristof Börgermann, Stefan Biesterfeld, Rainer Engers and Josef Dietz

  • Case Report

    Acute Rectovesicoprostatic Fistula Formation after Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy for Localized High Risk Prostate Cancer: A Case Report

    Author(s): Daniel C Edwards, James Latronica, Shaun Hager, Carmen CM Tong, David B Cahn, Juan Lucas Poggio and Francis J Schanne