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SM Journal of Public Health & Epidemiology



Volume 1 Issue 1 - 2015
  • Research Article

    Hierarchical Model of Factors Associated with Falls in Older Brazilian Community-Dwelling Women

    Author(s): Ana Cristina Viana Campos, Andrea Maria Duarte Vargas, Marcella Guimardes Assis, Efigenia Ferreira e Ferreira

  • Research Article

    Heart Disease Mortality in Appalachian Coal Mining Counties

    Author(s): Lauren Balmert, Ada O Youk, Shannon Woolley, Evelyn O Talbott, Jeanine M Buchanich

  • Research Article

    The Use of Neutral Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water for Disinfection of 3.0T MRI Scanner

    Author(s): Lauren Balmert, Ada O Youk, Shannon Woolley, Evelyn O Talbott, Jeanine M Buchanich

  • Editorial

    Should we Ban the use of 'Last Observation Carried forward' Analysis in Epidemiological Studies?

    Author(s): Robert Pintaric, Joze Matela, Stefan Pintaric

  • Editorial

    Could a Chronobiological Approach have a Role in Falls Prevention?

    Author(s): Lopez- Soto PJ, Rodriguez-Borrego MA, De Giorgi A, Fabbian F

Volume 1 Issue 2 - 2015
  • Research Article

    Examination of Possible Effects of Physical Activity Level (IPAQ) on Quality of Life (SF-36) in Health Care Workers Who Employed in a Training and Research Hospital

    Author(s): Sercan Kurklu, Mustafa Alparslan Babayigit, Fahrettin Guven Oysul, Aliye Mavili Aktas

  • Research Article

    Conflict as a Social Determinant of Health

    Author(s): Lara S Martin, Dabney P Evans

  • Research Article

    Perceived and Real Costs of Antenatal Care Seeking and their Implications For Women's Access to Intermittent Preventive Treatment of Malaria in Pregnancy in Rural Tanzanian Districts

    Author(s): Godfrey Martin Mubyazi

  • Research Article

    Gender-Based Perceptions of Secondary School Students and Teachers Regarding Need and Practice of Voluntary Counseling and Testing for HIV in Tanzania: A Descriptive Analysis of Across-Sectional Survey Data from Iringa and Mtwara Regions

    Author(s): Godfrey M Mubyazi, Amon Exavery, Julius J Massaga, Acleus SM Rutta, Kijakazi O Mashoto, Deusdedit Ishengoma, Judith Msovela, William N Kisinza, Adiel K Mushi

Volume 1 Issue 3 - 2015
  • Research Article

    Determinants of Heterogeneity in Management of Patients with AMI Diagnosis: A Retrospective Population Study

    Author(s): Michele Gobbato, Laura Rizzi, Francesca Valent, Antonella Franzo, Loris Zanier

  • Research Article

    Challenges of ICTs Utilization among Health Professionals: The Case of Public Hospitals in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

    Author(s): Mulusew Andualem Asemahagn

  • Editorial

    Cultural Aspects on Psychiatric Illnesses among Immigrants

    Author(s): Valentina Maria do Rosario Cabral Iversen

  • Original Article

    Epidemiology of Road Traffic Accidents in Nepal: Data Review and Qualitative Analysis

    Author(s): Bishnu P Choulagai, Huang Ling, Poojan Sharma, Shiva Raj Mishra, Meraj Ahmed, Padam Bahadur Chand

  • Research Article

    Increased Alanine Aminotransferase Predicted Both Prediabetes and Diabetes Development in Chinese Men: A Population-Based Cohort Study

    Author(s): Yuzhen Huang, Yawen Luo, Qin Tang, Jinling Xie, Chunlei Wu, Zheng Lu, Aihua Tan, Yong Gao, Ziting Yao, Yonghua Jiang, Haiying Zhang, Zengnan Mo, Xiaobo Yang

Volume 1 Issue 4 - 2015
  • Rapid Communication

    Quality Metrics: Date Transparency and User-Customized Design Drive Frontline Engagement

    Author(s): Farris Timimi, Carmen Kane

  • Research Article

    Prevalence of Escherichia Coli in Drinking Water Collected From the Local and Municipal Water Supply in Zenica-Doboj Canton, Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Author(s): Amir Ibrahimagic, Nermina Basic, Emina Idrizovic

  • Research Article

    Prevalence of Hospital Malnutrition in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus: A Sub- Analysis of the PREDyCES® Study

    Author(s): Alvarez-Perez FJ

  • Editorial

    Heavy Metal and Cancer Risk

    Author(s): Che-Chun Su

  • Editorial

    The Value of P Value in the Medical Field

    Author(s): Abdulrahman Alturki

Volume 2 Issue 1 - 2016
  • Editorial

    Path of Darkness to the Ways of Bright Lights

    Author(s): Ashok Pandey

  • Review Article

    Treatment of Severely Malnourished Children Hospitalized According to Results the Renal Metabolic Study

    Author(s): Szarvas Barbella Sobeida, Dominguez Luis, Kolster Castro Cruz and Callegari Carlos

  • Special Article- Malnutrition and Public Health

    Malnutrition: Role of the Diet on the Microbiota and In the Functioning of the Gut Immune System

    Author(s): Carolina MG, Ivanna NN and Gabriela P

  • Special Article- Malnutrition and Public Health

    Experiences, Perceptions and Attitudes of Religious Leaders and Parents Regarding Condom Promotion for HIV Infection Prevention: A Qualitative Study from Tanzania

    Author(s): Godfrey M Mubyazi, Amon Exavery, Hamisi M Malebo, Emmanuel A Makundi, Sia E Malekia, Victor Wiketye, Adiel K Mushi, Judith Msovela, Mwanaidi Y Kafuye, John W Ogondiek, Edward Maswanya, Filemoni Tenu, Joyce K Ikingura, Abubakar Mziray, Acleus SM Ruta, Allen Garimo, Mwelecele N Malecela and Julius J Massaga

  • Original Article

    Fecal Contamination of Drinking-Water in Tanzania's Commercial Capital, Dar Es Salaam: Implication on Health of The Consumers

    Author(s): Caroline SM Kihupi, Lawi Yohana, Josephat A Saria and Hamisi M Malebo

Volume 2 Issue 2 - 2016
  • Research Article

    Perceived Effects of Informal Task- Shifting in HIV/AIDS and Reproductive and Child Health Service Delivery in Tanzania

    Author(s): Jonathan M Mshana, Julius J Massaga, SiaE Malekia, Vitus A Nyigo, Andrew M Kilale, Michael A Munga, John S Kunda, Adiel K Mushi, Godfrey M Mubyazi, Angela E Shija, Judith Msovela, Tina A Mtui, Stella P Kilima, Thuwein Y Makamba and Mwelecele N Malecela

  • Special Article- Heavy Metals and Health

    Mercury Levels and Glutathione S-Transferase Polymorphisms Evaluation in a Population of the Low Amazon, Brazil

    Author(s): Heloisa do Nascimento de Moura Meneses, Amanda Chianca Neves, Felipe Afonso dos Anjos da Costa, Ricardo Bezerra de Oliveira, Anderson Alvarenga de Moura Meneses, Luis Reginaldo Ribeiro Rodrigues and Delaine Sampaio da Silva

  • Review Article

    Chikungunya Epidemiology: A Global Perspective

    Author(s): Adekunle Sanyaolu, Chuku Okorie, Olanrewaju Badaru, Emily Wynveen, Shawn White, William Wallace, Johnny Akl, Andrew Freeze, Alexia Kamel, Matthew Madonna, Ankit Mathur, Roberto Moran and Craig Perry

  • Editorial

    The Evolution of Neonatal Head Circumference

    Author(s): Michel Odent

  • Review Article

    Reproductive Health and the Environment Consumer Education Materials: Aiming for Action amongst Low Income and Low Literacy Populations

    Author(s): Alvarez J, Friedman J, Singh KT and Pregler J

Volume 2 Issue 3 - 2016
  • Review Article

    Assessing Patient's Understanding, Provider's Participatory Decision- Making, and Communication among Type 2 Diabetic Patients and Their Impact on Diabetes Self-Management in Qatar's Primary Healthcare Centers

    Author(s): Samar Aboulsoud, Mohamad Abdel Halim Chehab, Hanan Al Mujalli, Prem Chandra Chief, Alia Habboub and Nagah Selim

  • Research Article

    Health and Social Vulnerability of Adolescents in Nepal

    Author(s): Ramesh Prasad Adhikari, Nawaraj Upadhaya, Ruja Pokhrel, Bhim Raj Suwal, Mahendra Prasad Shrestha and Pushpa Kamal Subedi

  • Literature Review

    Barriers to HIV and AIDS Prevention, Treatment, and Care among People Living with Disabilities in Tanzania: A Cross-Sectional Study

    Author(s): Michael A Munga and Gilbert M Ndyetabula

  • Review Article

    Task-Shifting in the Provision of HIV/ AIDS, Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) Services in Tanzania: Exploring the Views and Experiences of Health Managers

    Author(s): Jonathan M Mshana, Michael A Munga, Adiel K Mushi, Tina A Mtui, Andrew M Kilale, Thuwein Y Makamba, Sia E Malekia, Vitus A Nyigo, John S Kunda, Judith Msovela, Stella P Kilima, Angela E Shija, Julius J Massaga and Mwelecele N Malecela

  • Review Article

    Assessment of Anemia, IDA and ID among Pregnants in Qatar: Cross Sectional Survey

    Author(s): Nagah Abdel Aziz Selim, Mariam Al-Mass, Mohammed Al-Kuwari and Mansoura Salem Ismail

Volume 3 Issue 1 - 2017
  • Original Article

    Thyroid Diseases in Populations Residing Near the Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site, Kazakhstan: Results from an 11 Years Series of Medical Examinations

    Author(s): Bernd Grosche, Hiroaki Katayama, Masaharu Hoshi, Kazbek N Apsalikov, Tatyana Belikhina, Yoshihiro Noso and Nobuo Takeichi

  • Review Article

    Effect of Sociodemographic Factors and Feeding Practices on Diarrhoea Diseases among Children under Five in Makurdi Benue State Nigeria

    Author(s): Ishaku Ara Bako, Livinus Egwuda and Terka Terrumun Bitto

  • Research Article

    Seasonal Variation of Culex Quinquefasciatus Densities Emerged from Pit-Latrines in Rural Settings, Muheza, Tanzania

    Author(s): Basiliana Emidi, William N. Kisinza, Grades Stanley and Franklin W. Mosha