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Mind Control: From Nazis to DARPA

David Salinas Flores*


Mind control is a reductive process in which a man is reduced to an animal, machine or slave. The basic ideas of mind control originated in Tavistock and then they were developed in Germany, mainly in Dachau’s Nazi concentration camp. The Operation Paperclip recruited to the Nazi scientists who experienced the mental control in prisoners of Dachau thus Nazis participated in US mind control programs. Nowadays, recent researches give evidences of a classified US world mind control weapon program in full development organized by DARPA in illicit association with corrupt government’s American universities, technology transnational’s and mafias of prosecutors. DARPA’s organized crime is developing a secret, forced and illicit neuroscientific human experimentation with invasive neurotechnology as brain nanobots, microchips and implants to execute mind control. It is necessary that world society is informed on the truth about the mind control and that the honest authorities take the preventive measures to block the massive mind control that DARPA is developing in the world.


Mind control is a reductive process in which a man is reduced to an animal or machine [1]. It is a technique aimed at suppressing the will of a person, to make it dependent on what is dictated by another person or organization.

Mind control weapons can be more powerful than the atomic bombs; the public knows about the power of nuclear weapons and can debate and protest about them however the public can not debate about the danger of mind control program because this program is surrounded by denials and disinformation from the many governments.

The mind control has been tried through history in different ways, like the physical violence or the religion; some governments have been obsessed with mind control, especially and those that tended to fascism, like the Nazis.

For many people, the mind control is a myth [2], topic of science fiction or a psychiatric disorder rather than science, however, in the 21st century, the advance in neuroscience leads to a scientific reality that is opposite to such perception. Recent researches consider that mind control should be considered a new public health problem in medicine, a reality that all citizen needs to know [3,4].


The basic ideas of mind control originated in 1921, in Tavistock, a research center of the British Intelligence Service, and then they were developed in Germany, mainly during Nazi government. Since 1943, German military physicians working at the concentration camps Dachau and Auschwitz experimented with barbiturates, morphine derivatives, and mescaline for interrogation purposes [5].

Mescaline a psychotic alkaloid that occurs naturally in the Mexican peyote cactus was the main drug that Nazi scientists used. Experiments with mescaline were realized in Auschwitz and then they were repeated in Dachau. Dachau was the first Nazi concentration camp opened and it is known for the Nazi experiments of Hypothermia [6].

In Dachau, the experiments of mind control with mescaline were conducted by Dr Kurt Plötner, who joined the SS as a physician in the 1930s [7]. According to Walter Neff, a prisoner’s nurse involved in experiments at Dachau, the goal was: “to eliminate the will of the person examined” [5].

After “research” on 30 inmates, Plötner concluded, that mescaline was “too unreliable to be a truth drug”. Sometimes it worked; sometimes it didn’t [5].

Plötner’s work in the concentration camps came to the attention of American intelligence, the United States Navy’s intelligence officers recruited to Plötner in 1945, permitting him to continue his interrogation research. Really, US army developed a big operation, the Operation Paperclip; the secret intelligence program to bring Nazi Scientists to America [8] thus recruited too many Nazi scientists who experienced in prisoners of Dachau after the end of World War II. In fact, Plötner was never indicted for his mescaline experiments [9], he enjoyed particular protection. Plötner proceeded to live under the name of “Schmitt” in Schleswig-Holstein into the early 1950s. He returned to the medical field as a professor at the University of Freiburg in West Germany. Plötner died in 1984. American government did not have success with mescaline for mind control and opted for another hallucinogen, LSD.

United States developed several mind control programs, the US navy began some of the first experiments on mind control in 1947 [10]. The first known participation by the CIA was in 1950 with the launch of Project Bluebird [10], however the main program was MKUltra. MKUltra was the code name for a secret CIA Project conducted from 1953 to 1964 that involved mind control drug testing and behavioral modification [11,12]. The MKUltra program developed by the CIA was a program designed to perform the largest mind control experiment, an illegal and clandestine program of experiments on human subjects. The experiment included the participation of scientists and 80 renowned institutions, among them 44 schools, prestigious universities like Harvard, Stanford and Yale, 12 hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies, and jails. It was a project that included 149 subprojects, all related to the mind control. At least 139 drugs were investigated. Although the MKUltra project used mainly hallucinogenic drugs, being the LSD one of the most used drugs, experimental stimulation techniques of deep brain areas were also used [3]. Nowadays, with the modern advances in science, mind control could be developed with brain nanobots, microchips and implants, and cerebral internet. Cerebral internet is the main tool of mind control, it is a means of communication developed in a person who has in his brain invasive neurotechnology such as brain implants like the cortical modem, brain nanobots and microchips with which a teletransmission of his/her daily life would be performed. This is sent via wifi to cell phones, computers and televisions [3]. The cerebral internet also allows sending audiovisual information to the brain of a person with brain nanobots. Invasive neurotechnology allows obtaining the mental control of a person, who bends his will to the objectives of a person or organization. There are several mechanisms for can reach this objective:

Direct Mind control

Controlling the activity of neurons: The delinquent produce stimulation or inhibition of neurons with the cerebral internet by wifi in a victim with brain nanobot and can obtain remote mind control.

Indirect Mind control

Mind torture: The delinquent send audiovisual signals that can produce psychological damage to the victim with nanobots, until getting to break the will of the victim and achieve that the victim accepts subordinate to the interests of the mafia [13].

Extortion: The mapping of the brain obtained with cerebral internet and brain nanobots can be used for obtain private information from the citizen as their sexual life and with this audiovisual material the victim is extorted, thus the mafia of nanotechnology can get that the victim agrees to follow the mafia’s orders [13].

In the other hand, there is strong evidence that mental control is being developed by several economic powers such as China, Germany, India and Russia Federation [14]; however, the main country that develops it is United States.

The United States of North America is the first world military power; this country bases its hegemony on its weapons therefore is critical for such country to develop new weapons of war. DARPA, initials in English of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, is the agency in charge of developing new war weapons, its mission is to maintain technological superiority of the United States military and prevent technological surprise by U.S. adversaries [15]. DARPA is the world’s most powerful scientific military agency, one of those with increased production and one of those with the greater secrecy. It was created by the United States Congress in 1958; it receives an annual budget of around 3 trillion dollars. DARPA does not conduct scientific research but hires defense contractors, academics and other government organizations to do the work, and then facilitates the transition of the results for military use. DARPA maintains an extraordinarily small staff, on average, 120 program managers annually [16]. In 2018, DARPA celebrates its 60th anniversary [17].

DARPA is promoted by his scientists, the press, TV and cinema, as an institution that creates new weapons based on his brilliant use of intellectual capital [16]. DARPA’s scientist says: America’s higher educational institutions and university research centers have been the cauldrons in which many of DARPA’s innovations have been brewed [17].

Among the weapons that USA develops are the weapons of mind control. DARPA’s current biggest secrets are the mind control projects, probably because these projects require high-risk human experimentation. Recent researches lead to suspicion that nowadays several projects related to DARPA’s research about mind control is developing on illegal human experiments performed in Latin America. For that purpose, the citizens would be intoxicated with drinks and foods contaminated with brain nanobots or even would be kidnapped to install brain implants in them like the cortical modem or artificial hippocampus without their consent.

There are many facts that support the actual existence of this DARPA’s inhuman research, the main evidences included:

The Brain initiative

Recently, the president of the United States of North America, Barack Obama, has presented the BRAIN Project. DARPA is main partner of this project [18]. DARPA has invested more than $500 million in support of the White House Brain Initiative since it was announced in 2013 [17]. Rafael Yuste, an main scientist of the BRAIN initiative has publicly stated that the main objective of the project is manipulate neurons, therefore there is suspect that BRAIN initiative is a secret research program of mind control that is being developed in Latin America [3,13,19,20]. The BRAIN project initials mean “Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies”. Recent research suspects that this “Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies” of the brain project are really brain nanobots [3], therefore the brain initiative aims to be a mind control program with brain nanobots.

The Discovery of nanomafias

For its accessibility, brain nanobots are the main weapon of mind control, however research about brain nanobots is difficult because the nanotechnology acts at atomic level and for that reason the experimentation in humans is high risk, which causes an evident lack of volunteers and therefore is difficult experiment mind control weapons as cerebral nanobots in humans. Due to this fact, recent researches is discovering that the American government and transnationals of technology would be resorting to criminal methods to get human experimentation subjects; thus, they would be using violence, swindle, extortion and organized crime [21,22].

These researches alert on the existence of a global organized crime network to develop illicitly neuroscientific projects using invasive neurotechnology in order to develop mind control weapons, mainly in Latin America. This corrupt red have created an organization that is developing a secret, forced and illicit neuroscientific human experimentation with invasive neurotechnology as brain nanobots, microchips and implants to execute neuroscientific projects, which can have even led scientists to win Medicine Nobel Prizes [23] based on this illicit human experimentation at the expense of Latin Americans’ health. The different kind of projects developed with nanobots has a common pattern: they are developed by telemetry, by wifi, they do not have physical form, and they are intangible. Really, nanomafia is the mafia of wifi, the “ghost mafia”, which makes almost impossible to report it [21].

The discovery of cerebral internet in Latin America

There are many evidences that indicate that the DARPA and the owners of TV channels have developed a corrupt network to implement the cerebral internet worldwide mainly in Latin American universities, being one of its main objectives to obtain university students’sex life and mind control [24]. In Latin American universities, the so-called “centers of excellence” are being created suspiciously; their name “excellence” indicates that they would be centers created for transhumanist experimentation. The Center of Excellence of the National University of San Marcos is promoted mainly by the Washington University and the US Navy. It is necessary to highlight that then-Ambassador of the United States in Peru, Brian A. Nichols, was present in its inauguration. Recent researches lead to suspect that this center of excellence actually has a military objective and not a research objective. Thus, under the secret leadership of American government, these university centers of excellence, in illicit association with rector’s offices, mafias of professors and students centers, would be organizing the mind control in university campuses, secretly using neurotechnology on university personnel in order to spy and control the entire university [24].

The creation of Valley Silicon in Latin America

The recent creation of the so-called “Silicon Valley’s” of Latin America such as Yachay and Guadalajara would have as secret objective to develop the risky human experimentation with invasive neurotechnology. In Ecuador, Yachay University has aroused suspicion for his administration; the managing committee of this university only consists of professors from California Technology Institute (Caltech), which is very linked to the DARPA. Arati Prabhakar, director of DARPA (2012-2017), is graduated from Caltech, a military institution that funds several Caltech projects. In a general view, the evidence points to the fact that Human experiments of mind control would be carried in Yachay [22,24-26]. In the other hand, IBM has 40 years located in Guadalajara; this company is one of the main organizers of the so-called “Mexican Valley Silicon” in Guadalajara. IBM is considered a main partner of DARPA that finances several of IBM’s neuroscientific projects. Recent researches alert that IBM would be developing illicit human experimentation to perform brain mapping in Mexico [25] this evidence points to DARPA and IBM are developing massive mental control experimentation in Mexico, mainly in Guadalajara. This suspicion is reinforced by the expressions of IBM’s CEOs about technology that is going to develop in Guadalajara:

“This technology is an extension of the human mind; we are going to be able to do things that our mind cannot do now” [25].

The strong suspect of mind control in Latin America hospitals

In Latin America, one of the main companies suspected of secretly and unlawfully developing mind control in illicital association with DARPA is the Peruvian health insurance company ESSALUD that have a red of hospitals in Peru. Alberto Sabogal Hospital is the main suspicious hospital of DARPA’s illicital human experimentation for its ubication. It is located near the only military base of the US Armed Forces in Latin America, the NAMRUD-6. DARPA’s mind control program would have started in 2009 in Alberto Sabogal Hospital during the administration of US President Barack Obama, and as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, both coordinated the organized crime with President Alan García Pérez and this in turn with the President of ESSALUD Fernando Barrios Ipenza [22].

Barrios developed it secretly with the research units of Peruvian hospitals, the National Health Institute the Peruvian state institution that gives the official certification for biomedical research in Peru and the APRA the party that governed Peru in that period. The research units of Latin American hospitals camouflage milliondollar transhumanist projects, swindling patients, such as the research unit at the Sabogal Hospital where neuroscience research projects are developed that aim to be the camouflage of experiments transhumanists of mental control in this hospital. This fact is reinforced because this company has placed several advertisements with the word “control” that which aims to be a subliminal promotion of mind control [22]. Recent researches alert mass surgery campaigns in ESSALUD, operating around 20,000 patients in a short time, campaigns that really aims to be surgical campaigns to implant secretly technological implants in thousands of patients [22] (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Mind control: From nazis to DARPA. Dachau concentration camp, it was one of the first places where mind control programs started. (Left) Alberto Sabogal Hospital is the main place where DARPA is developing illicit and forced human experimentation with brain nanobots, microchips to execut mind control (Right).

The suspect of illicital human experimentation in building of neuromorphic chips financed by DARPA

DARPA has funded the creation of True North neuromorphic chip announced in 2014 as the most advanced chip similar to the brain created until date. This chip is one of the biggest and most advanced chips that have been created, 768 times more efficient than any other that has been created. There are suspicions that this neuromorphic chip has been created based on illegal human experiments due to several reasons, including, DARPA itself revealed publicly that there is no technology that can pick up signals that inform the scientists what is exactly happening inside the brain. The absence of such studies and how quickly the brain chip has been built, only six years, lead one to suspect that other sources of information would be hidden, such as secret and forced human experimentations, with invasive neurotechnology like brain implants or nanobots in Latin American countries [25-27].

The Zombies outbreak’s announcement

Recent researches lead to suspect that the Zombie apocalypse promoted by CDC and US army would really be a world mind control epidemic using brain nanobots [28], camouflaged as a “viral” epidemic and organized by CDC itself and the US Army. There is also strong suspect that US government would be doing a secret dissemination of brain nanobots in the entire world, “a pandemic of brain nanobots” [3,28]. Researches that CDC and US army have not denied. The election of Mexico in the TV series about the origin of the zombie epidemic is probably not just fiction; it is probably that thousands of Mexicans are being victims of a secret administration of brain nanobots for develop mind control [28].

The DARPA’s promotion of supersoldier

DARPA promote the supersoldier. DARPA’s scientist says:

“Soldiers having no physical, physiological, or cognitive limitation will be key to survival and operational dominance in the future”[29].

The key in this project is the invasive neurotechnology, the brain nanobots and microchips. There are three potential military applications of invasive neurotechnology in the supersoldier: a) cognitive augmentation; which alarms soldiers to threats; b) synthetic telepathy, which would allow soldiers to communicate amongst each other c) thought-controlled weapons [30]. It’s evident that DARPA need a secret illicital human experimentation of mind control for can develop this militar objective of super soldier project. It is necessary to emphasize that the supersoldier project is a fraud. DARPA does not inform that the invasive neurotechnology can be a weapon against the soldier; they would lose their privacy due to being permanently spied on with the cerebral internet, they would make him lose his mind control, the soldier would be controlled by others and thus they would lose their autonomy turning us into human robots.

There are many evidences that DARPA is developing cyborgs in Peruvian universities

It is necessary to highlight that invasive neurotechnology is the main characteristic of a cyborg.

It is necessary to highlight that invasive neurotechnology is the main characteristic of a cyborg.

Kevin Warmick, the main promoter of the cyborgs in the world says:

“I have one goal in my life. I want to be a cyborg. I want to be the world’s first half man half machine” [22].

However, Warmick does not use either brain implants, when asked about the possibility of using invasive neurotechnology, he says:

“I really like my life and there are many possibilities that something goes wrong, both when implanting the chip and when removing it” [22].

In recent scientific books, the following is expressed:

“Nowadays, human beings using the Intel brain chip voluntarily seem unlikely, it could probably have applications for people like the quadriplegics” [26].

The society does not reveals interest in the use of brain implants, against this reality, DARPA has surprisingly announced that it will create an army of cyborgs, it is a mystery how it makes its biomedical researches. The secret and forced illicit transhuman experimentation in Latin American universities would be the secret of this program of robot soldiers [22]. Recent investigations warn of the presence of mind control experiments in the so-called “north cone” universities of Lima, such as the César Vallejo University. This is owned by César Acuña, with close ties to IBM, partner of DARPA. The publicity of this university is very similar to the propaganda carried out by the US government for military recruitment and reinforces the suspicion of human experimentation of mind control in the students with the objective of transform them in robot soldiers for the US Army [22].

DARPA will probably not only turn university students with mind control into human robots to serve the US military, which is worse, it is likely that the real project will also turn it into clone troopers, erase its identity and replace it with another, erasing his memory and replacing it with another one, the campaign “unlearns to learn” and the publicity of many Peruvian universities where university students are shown as clones points to the existence of this secret project [22].


The American government is making a millionaire campaign to deny mind control. Probably the main speaker about DARPA and Mind control is Jhonatan Moreno who is author of books and articles about mind control [31]. Moreno has been a senior staff member for three presidential advisory commissions and has served on a number of Pentagon advisory committees. He is an ethics professor at the University of Pennsylvania and the editor-in-chief of the Center for American Progress’ online magazine Science Progress. The American Journal of Bioethics has called him “the quietly most interesting bioethicist of our time”.

Moreno says about mind control:

“I believe that people who think they have been victimized by government mind-control experiments are misguided, yet I am also impressed that there are thousands of such persons. I have worked for two presidential advisory commissions and have heard many of these people provide perfectly lucid testimony about scenarios I find fantastic” [3,31].

“There is a big subculture that believes that their brains are being manipulated by insidious forces” [3]. “Just because you are paranoid does not mean someone is not following you” [31].

Despite his words, there is strong suspect that Moreno know DARPA’s illicital human experimentation and that he is developing an intentional campaign of disinformation. This suspect is based in that Moreno has access to main information about DARPA. The press says about him:

“Darpa’s activities have been followed for much of this period by Jonathan Moreno, who has been in the privileged insider/outsider position that gives him both access and freedom to comment. His new book, Mind Wars, updates his earlier accounts of the military’s wars on the mind to bring us chilling news of Darpa’s latest projects” [32].

Moreno also has written an article titled: “DARPA on your mind” [33] (an evident allusion to DARPA’s mental control program with invasive neurotechnology).

Despite the words of the presidential adviser and many American scientists [2], there are many evidences about this mind control program, mainly in Latin America [3].

It is necessary to point out that, unlike MKUltra, recent researchers have discovered the US mind control current program in full development. MKUltra was a CIA secret Project conduced from 1953 to 1964 [11,12] however MKUltra Project was first brought to public attention in 1975. 1977 United States report on MKUltra said:

“It should be made clear from the outset that in general,

We are focusing on events that happened over 12 or as long as 25 years ago” [11].

“Perhaps most disturbing of all was the fact that the extent of experimentation on human subjects was unknown. The records of all these activities were destroyed in January 1973, at the instruction of then CIA Director Richard Helms” [11].

“In spite of persistent inquiries by both the Health 1977 Senate Hearing on MKUltra: Opening Remarks 7 Subcommittee and the Intelligence Committee, no additional records or information were forthcoming. And no one -- no single individual -- could be found who remembered the details, not the Director of the CIA, who ordered the documents destroyed, not the official responsible for the program, nor any of his associates” [11].

However, the situation of the actual US Mind control program is different. Really, the evidences reflect that United States through the DARPA has created an interconnected organized crime network in the whole world to developing mind control, with the official support of Latin America corrupt governments, universities, mafias of prosecutors and the participation and silence of the press. There is a lot of evidence that indicates that American universities, considered the best in the world, such as Harvard, Yale, and Stanford participate in this sadistic mental control program in illicital association with DARPA. These universities also participated in the MKUltra program. It is also evident that given the great extension of this program of mind control have in the world and the large amount of information that institutions like the world intelligence services and police institutions like the FBI and the INTERPOL have, these institutions know this DARPA secret program of Mind control. It can be an illicit enrichment source and possibly a secret torture and extortion weapon. As a proof of its secret participation, neither the FBI, the CIA, the SVR, the MOSSAD or the INTERPOL or any intelligence service in the world has reported this mind control program.

This corrupt net of DARPA for develop US mind control is giving rise to an exclusive corrupt circle of “new millionaires” in Latin America: professors of medicine, health unions, doctors, nurses, technicians, hospital managers, physicists, journalists, publishers of scientific magazines, librarians, engineers, politicians, professors, policemen, prosecutors, judges, the military, university students and even school students who illicitly become rich at the expense of their victims’ health and honor.

Mafias of prosecutor’s offices, the judiciary and the national police are key piece of this criminal network that illicitly becoming rich with mind control and torture of citizens.

Currently, the press writes many books and articles seeking to raise awareness about the horrors of the holocaust carried out in Dachau by the Nazis that included experiments of mind control, however it conceals and participates in the sadistic program of mental control that DARPA develops in the world. In fact, the press promote to the organizers and speakers of US Mind control program such as Justin Sanchez, Regina Dugan or Michael Goldblatt [34].

Unlike the Nazi medicine that is denounced by mass media in its headlines as a crime, DARPA mind control program with brain nanobots is a secret of the scientific press and it remains unknown to most of society that even considers it fiction due to the own press disinformation campaign that presents this crime as fiction. The reason is that there are many evidences that mass media magnates are the main organizers and beneficiaries of this illicit nanotechnology network in Latin America.

Recent books about DARPA say:

“The secret of DARPA’s success is not as funding. What sets apart is its brilliant use of intellectual capital. It’s “only charter is radical innovation” according to its strategic plan. The DARPA innovation system has also become a model for other government departments. DARPA is a science agency, not an espionage outfit [16].

Really, the “radical innovation”, the model for other government departments, is DARPA’s illicital and forced human experimentation in Latin America with invasive neurotechnology with the complicity of mafias of prosecutors in the world.

The main scientific journals such as Science, Nature, The Lancet, Neuroimage, publish many neuroscientific articles of DARPA’s scientists hiding the true:

The real “material and methods” is forced experimentation human with neuroinvasive technology.

The functional magnetic resonance is its main camouflage of illicital human experimentation in the section of material and methods of scientific journals” [20,26].

The press knows the real origin of DARPA’s new weapons, the secrets of “DARPA’s innovation” [35] but hides the truth, the illegal and forced human experimentation about mind control that DARPA develop in Latin America.

The evidences indicate also that nanomafias that organize US mind control is interconnected forming an international network with a mega project whose purpose is to create a digital fascist society, an oligarchy that rules the rest of citizens, who will carry nanobots and will be digital slaves, a human robotisation of the society at the service of millionaire elite.

This DARPA’s digital fascist project is world; the objective is not only control humans, is can control the whole planet using microchips in human beings, animals and things. “The Internet of Things” and “the driverless car” really have as purpose the fascist control of things. In men, the “digital slave” (human robot) project has different components: the mind control, permanent espionage with the cerebral internet, sensorial deprivation, living in a virtual reality, memory deletion and elimination of sexuality.

In a general vision, Dachau’s Nazi experiments in mind control are continued by this network of global experimentation to implant the new world order [36], the new fascism: The Digital Fascism (Figure 2).

Figure 2: Digital Fascism: The objective of mind control. Invasive neurotechnology such as brain nanobot, microchip and implants can be used as weapons of mind control (Left), this invasive neurotechnology can lead to digital fascism, an plutocracy that rules the rest of citizens who will be digital slaves, a government dreamed by the Nazis (Right).

Really, illegal human experimentation that DARPA is performing in the world to develop its mind control program is its real history, DARPA’s uncensored history.


Mind control is DARPA’s current biggest secret. DARPA is organizing a huge campaign of illegal human experimentations to develop mind control in the world, mainly in Latin America, with the official support of corrupt governments, mafias of prosecutors and the participation and silence of the press. It is necessary that society is informed on the truth about the DARPA mind control project and that honest authorities take the preventive measures to block the massive mind control that DARPA is developing in the world.


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