SM Journal of Pharmacology and Therapeutics ISSN: 2574-2396

Rapid Communication

A Simple Procedure for Rectal Emptying

Willy J Malaisse*

Rapid Communication

A person may refrain of defecating because he feels shy in a strange house. And there are people who are anxious to defecate whenever possible, because they think it is good for them [1]. For the sake of old subjects health and comfort, the following simple and efficient procedure is proposed to facilitate and optimize rectal emptying. After moistening of the anal region with water and soap, the tips of the index and middle finger are introduced into the rectum allowing easy defecation. Thereafter, the cleaning of the used hand and anal region completes the procedure. Although this technique is already on occasion proposed to some patients, no published information was so far available on its long-term application to healthy subjects. After more than one year personal experience at the age of 80 years, this procedure proved to be daily and fully efficient and totally painless. It can be conducted with discretion and removes all worry concerning defecation. It should obviously be underlined, however, that a medical advice is required before to use this procedure in order to avoid undesirable effects, e.g. in patients with a painful anal fissure.

Citation: Malaisse WJ. A Simple Procedure for Rectal Emptying. SM J Pharmac Ther. 2016; 2(1): 1013.

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