The peer review process starts with the researcher when the researcher writes a paper, if it is ready then he chooses one journal suitable for his research and submit it to the editor of the journal. When the journal editor receives the article he check the quality of paper and plagiarism. He will either accept or reject it based upon uniqueness.

If the paper is accepted then it will assign to reviewers for review by the editor or editorial board members. The assigned reviewers check the article, whether it is suitable for his knowledge and area of research. He will accept or reject to review. If accepted he will review the article and the article is returned to the editor along with a recommendation to either reject, revise or accept it. The article is returned to the author along with the reviewer's feedback to revise the article. Author revised the article and send back to the editor. The editor receives the revised article and makes the final decision to publish or not. Accepted articles are published in the journal

If the article is rejected at any step of the review process then it will send back to the author.