Open access publications are freely and permanently available online to anyone. SM Open Access Journals are newly initiated endeavor from SM Online Journals to disseminate scientific knowledge in various fields of Science, Technology and Medicine. We aim to Publish and spread peer reviewed scientific journals to all over the world, thereby encouraging exchange of scientific literature among students and researchers, through open access (Free to read) platform.

There are multiple ways authors can provide open access to their work. One way is to publish it and then self-archive it in a repository where it can be accessed for free, such as their institutional repository, or a central repository.

A second way authors can make their work open access is by publishing it in such a way that makes their research output immediately available from the publisher.

SM Open Access Journals support second way of Open Access, by publishing scientific literature from the author and immediately available to readers with free of cost through online. SM Online Journals has 50+ peer reviewed open access journals, 2000+ Editorial Board Members and more than 2000 Reviewers throughout the world.