SM Neurodegenerative Disorders

In Press Articles

Volume 1 Issue 1 - 2017
  • Case Report

    The Study of Non-Verbal Behaviour has Potentialities to Enhance the Relationship between the Individual and their Environment in People with Parkinson’s Disease

    Author(s): María de los Angeles Bacigalupe

  • Case Report

    Bilateral Blepharospasm Due to Unilateral Thalamomesencephalic Lesion

    Author(s): Afrantou TH, Natsis KS, Angelou A and Grigoriadis N

  • Research Article

    Early Transient Neuronal CyclinD1 Expression Precedes Atrophy in the Frontal Cortex of APP23 Mice

    Author(s): Stefania Ippati, Claire H Stevens, Lars M Ittner and Yazi D Ke