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SM Musculoskeletal Disorders


Current Issue Articles

Volume 2 Issue 3 - 2017
  • Case Report

    Temporomandibular Joint Cyst Causing Malocclusion

    Author(s): Ruben W Renkema, Cory M Resnick and Bonnie L Padwa

  • Case Report

    Steroid Induced Femoral Osteonecrosis in Multiple Sclerosis: Two Case Reports

    Author(s): Mariarosa Rottoli, Valeria Barcella, Marta Zaffira Conti and Sara La Gioia

  • Editorial

    Temporomandibular Joint Involvement in Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis

    Author(s): Talia Becker

  • Review Article

    Early Results of Arthroscopic Treatment of Haglunds Deformity in A Latin American Cohort

    Author(s): Samuel Rosas, Sumaiya Nazli, Isaac Yepes Moreno, Daniel Rosas, Miguel Vega and Gustavo Adolfo Bacca

  • Research Article

    Ankle Arthroscopy Findings During Ankle Fracture Fixation and Mid-Term Prognosis

    Author(s): Mustafa Yassin, Avraham Garti, Eyal Heller and Dror Robinson

  • Research Article

    MRI Evaluation of Calf Hematoma: Frequency of Plantaris Tendon versus Medial Gastrocnemius Injury as the Causative Etiology

    Author(s): Leah Davis, Ryan Fajardo and Jeffrey Knake