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SM Journal of Forensic Research and Criminology



Volume 1 Issue 1 - 2017
  • Research Article

    DNA Research on Morphological Traits

    Author(s): Beaufils M, Fromentin S, Piters A, Esponda A, Monique G, Doutremepuich A and Christian Doutremepuich

  • Research Article

    DNA Fingerprinting as an Aid in Justice Case Processing

    Author(s): Reyes-Cortes LM, Garza-Leal JA, Torres-Grimaldo AA, Luna-Aguirre M and Barrera-Saldana HA

  • Research Article

    Chemically Modified Piezoelectric Devices to Detect Seized Marijuana and Cocaine Samples: A New Tool for Forensic Chemistry

    Author(s): Matheus M. M. T. de Menezes, Marco A. Balbino, Alex S. Castro, Izabel C. Eleotério, Grégoire Jean-François Demets, Osmair V. de Oliveira, Antonio J. Ipólito, Bruce R. McCord and Marcelo F. de Oliveira

  • Research Article

    Lipids Levels in Vitreous Humor of Rabbits after Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Death

    Author(s): Agoro ES, Akubugwo EI, Chinyere GC and Ombor AJ

  • Research Article

    Gene-Specific Differential Methylation in South African Ethnic Groups: A Preliminary Study

    Author(s): Farzeen Kader, Meenu Ghai and Marvellous Zhou

Volume 1 Issue 2 - 2017
  • Research Article

    Active Shooter Survivability of Persons with Mental Health Services Training

    Author(s): Donald E Brannen, Melissa Branum, Nevine Mahmoud, Cecilia Bidigare, Tracy Clare, Sandy Miller, Larry Cleek, Dennis Wein, Jeanne Bowman, Kathy Cavinder, Lou Ann Albers, Suzy Cottingim, Nate Bednar, David Gerstner and William Burkhart

  • Policy and Historical Reviews

    Towards Developing and Establishing a Regulatory Guideline for Accreditation of Forensic Education in Nigeria

    Author(s): Edeaghe Ehikhamenor and Ukaoha Kingsley Chiwuike

  • Short Communication

    Analysis of Eight SNPs in Pigment-Related Genes in South Brazilian Subjects with High or Low Skin and Eye Melanin Content

    Author(s): Fernanda Rosa Sawitzki, Rodrigo Rodenbusch, Diego Wordell Gubert, Mayara Jorgens Prado, Deborah Soares Bispo Santos Silva and Clarice Sampaio Alho

  • Research Article

    Regression Analysis to Determine Body Weight from Foot-Outline (3D) Anthropometry among Bidayuhs: An Indigenius Ethnic Group in Malaysian Borneo

    Author(s): Nataraja Moorthy T and Hairunnisisa Bt Mohd Anas Khan

  • Research Article

    Biochemical and Apoptotic Biomarkers as Indicators of Time Elapsed Since Death in Experimentally Induced Traumatic Brain Injury

    Author(s): Amany Abdel-Rahman Mohamed, Khlood M Elbohi, Nabela I El Sharkawy and Mona A Hassan