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SM Journal of Forensic Research and Criminology


Current Issue Articles

Volume 1 Issue 3 - 2017
  • Research Article

    The Development of Eye Shape Photofit Database of the Chinese and Malay population in Malaysia

    Author(s): Gina Francesca Gabriel, Sri Pawita Albakri Amir Hamzah, Beh Pei Sia, Khairul Osman, Amidon Anan, Muhamad Hilmi Baba, Balkhis Bashuri and Noor Hazfalinda Hamzah*

  • Research Article

    Relationship of Blood and Urine Alcohol Levels in Postmortem Samples and Prevalence of Alcohol Level above Legal Limit in Hospital Kuala Lumpur

    Author(s): Mohd Hilmi S, Lai PS, Khoo LS, Nur Shazuwani R, Siew SF and Kunasilan S

  • Research Article

    Detecting Latent Saliva Stains on a Pistol Grip Using the Blue Laser (447 nm): A Comparative Study of Two Field Methods

    Author(s): John Zheng Wang

  • Research Article

    Biochemical, Genetic, Pathological and Histochemical Alterations as Forensic Markers of Hypothermia in Rats

    Author(s): Badr El-Bialy, Nermeen El-Borai, Shimaa M Abou-Zeid, Anis Zaid and Amanallah El-Bahrawy

  • Research Article

    Bloodstain Transfer: An Experimental Study

    Author(s): Piters A, Esponda A, Monique G, Doutremepuich A, Fromentin S and Doutremepuich C