ISSN: 2573-3664

SM Journal of  Food and Nutritional Disorders

Current Issue Articles

Volume 3 Issue 2 - 2017
  • Rapid Communication

    Coffee Consumption – A Genetic Approach

    Author(s): Santos RMM and Lima DR

  • Research Article

    Food Habits and the Family and Cultural Restrains in the Druze Population Influence the Diabetes Management in the Female Population

    Author(s): Maha Kablan and Ronit Endevelt

  • Research Article

    Evaluation of the Nutritional Status of Sudanese Respondents in Riyadh City, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    Author(s): Zainab A Ali, Murwan K Sabahelkhier and Elfadil E Babiker

  • Review Article

    Mycotoxins, Food Safety and Security in Sub-Saharan Africa

    Author(s): Ferrão J, Bell V and Fernandes TH