International journal of Fisheries science and Research

Current Issue Articles

Volume 2 Issue 1 - 2018
  • Research Article

    Neritic Larval Fish Distribution in the Oceanic Area of the Campeche Bay, Gulf of Mexico

    Author(s): Flores-Coto C, Zavala-García F and Sanvicente-Añorve L

  • Research Article

    Effect of Photoperiod on Eggs Hatchability, Growth and Survivability of Hybrid Catfish (Heterobranchus bidorsalis X Clarias gariepinus) Larvae

    Author(s): Adebayo IA

  • Review Article

    Empirical Assessment of Fish Diversity of Uttar Pradesh, India: Current Status, Implications and Strategies for Management

    Author(s): Pathak AK

  • Short Communication

    Stranding of Small Cetaceans with Missing Fins Raises Concerns on Cetacean Conservation in Ecuador: Bycatch or Targeted Fisheries?

    Author(s): Pedro J Jiménez, Juan José Alava, Cristina Castro, Jorge Samaniego and Patricia Fair

  • Research Article

    Sodium Arsenite-induced Morphological, Behavioral, Hematological and Histopathological abnormalities in Labeo Rohita

    Author(s): Rajib Biswas and Soumitra Nath

  • Research Article

    Reconstruction of Historical Fisheries Profile of Cameroon

    Author(s): Nyatchouba Nsangue Bruno Thierry, Richard Kindong and Liuxiong Xu

  • Research Article

    Effect of Fishmeal Substitution by Lima Bean Meal on the Zoo Technical Performances of African Catfish (Clarias gariepinus) in the Batié Sub-Division, West Region of Cameroon

    Author(s): Emile Miégoué, Pégis Davy Tagning Zebaze, Fernand Tendonkeng, Lemoufouet Jules, Nadège Elvire Njoh, Ronald Komguep Nganyo and Etienne Tedonkeng Pamo