ISSN: 2575-7792

SM Dermatology Journal

Current Issue Articles

Volume 4 Issue 1 - 2018
  • Case Report

    A Sclerodermiform Breast Cancer

    Author(s): Moustaide K, Aqil N, Nassiri A, Baybay H, Gallouj S and Mernissi FZ

  • Clinical Image

    Intensely Pruritic, Painful and Erythematous Weeping Leg Rash in an Adult

    Author(s): LT John LoVoi*

  • Clinical Image

    Painless, Spreading, Annular Lesions in an Adult

    Author(s):LCDR Alana Sabene

  • Research Article

    Effect of Sex Steroid Hormones on the Clonal Growth of Female and Male Keratinocytes

    Author(s): John J Wille and Jong Y Park

  • Research Article

    Comparison of Phenol and Trichloroacetic Acid Chemical Matricectomies in the Treatment of Unguıs Inkarinatus

    Author(s): Erdinç Terzi, Ulaş Güvenç, Belma Türsen, Emre Tayfun, Nur Cihan Çoşansu and Ümit Türsen