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SM Journal of Community Medicine

In Press Articles

Volume 4 Issue 1 - 2018
  • Short Communication

    Premixed Insulin’s: Educating Patients about Administration and Expiration

    Author(s): Madhavi Gavini

  • Research Article

    Diabetes Se Puede Controlar: Effectiveness of a Brief Diabetes Education Program among Hispanic Adults

    Author(s): Jennifer B Unger, Gladys Mendoza and Adolph Falcon

  • Research Article

    Factors Associated With Early Menarche among Adolescents Girls: A Study from Nepal

    Author(s): Sabina Bhattarai, Sudarshan Subedi and Shiva Raj Acharya

  • Research Article

    Gap between Preferred and Observed Fertility Behaviors among Mothers in Mosul, Iraq

    Author(s): Al-Ridhwany HH and Aljawadi AA

  • Opinion Article

    Selection of Good Medical Journals for Publication - An Innovative Approach

    Author(s): Madhusudan M*