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SM Journal of Clinical Medicine


In Press Articles

Volume 4 Issue 1 - 2018
  • Research Article

    The Wording of Telephone Guided CPR Affect on Senior Citizens Performance: A Simulation Study

    Author(s): Hallikainen J, Castrén M, Niemi-Murola L, Nord Ljungquist H and Bohm K

  • Research Article

    Large Bowel Obstruction due to Pancreatic Cancer - A Case Series

    Author(s): Anders Bang-Nielsen, Morten Westergaard Noack, Aske Mathias Bohm and Morten Laksáfoss Lauritsen

  • Case Report

    The Beneficial Effect of Apixaban in the Treatment of Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia (HIT 2)

    Author(s): Priya Bhardwaj, Jan Roland Petersen and Gitte Gleerup Fornitz

  • Case Report

    A Rare Cause of Parkinsonism

    Author(s): Hafed Amin Saidane, Mette Vinther Hansen, David Scheie and Shanu Faerch Roemer

  • Research Article

    A Non-Contrast Computed Tomography and Intravenous Urography Interrogation in Patients with Renal Colic at Hospitals

    Author(s): Amgad Alrwaili

  • Research Article

    Off-Pump versus On-Pump Complete Coronary Revascularization: Comparison of the Effects on the Renal Damage in Patients with Non- Dialysis Dependent Renal Dysfunction

    Author(s): Umit Arslan* and Bilgehan Erkut