ISSN: 2573-3710

SM Journal of Biology

Current Issue Articles

Volume 3 Issue 1 - 2017
  • Research Article

    Distribution of Acetylated Histone 4 in Normal Liver and Acetaminophen-Induced Liver Damage

    Author(s): Nakamura N, Chang C-W, Yang X, Shi Q, Salminen WF and Suzuki A

  • Review Article

    Geogebra: A vital Bridge Linking Mathematics with Biology and Other Sciences

    Author(s): Qamil Kllogjeri and Pellumb Kllogjeri

  • Review Article

    Membrane Lipids: Implication for Diseases and Membrane Trafficking

    Author(s): Sara Woodman and Kyoungtae Kim

  • Review Article

    Understanding Integrated Impacts of Climate Change and Pollution on Ganges River System: A Mini Review on Biological Effects, Knowledge Gaps and Research Needs

    Author(s): Ashutosh Tripathi, Niraj Kumar and DK Chauhan