ISSN: 2575-7806

International Journal of Animal Science

Current Issue Articles

Volume 3 Issue 3 - 2019
  • Research Article

    Comparative Myoarchitectural Orientation of the Extrinsic Lingual Muscles of the Egyptian Cattle (Bos Taurus), Buffalo (Bubalus Bubalis) and Camel (Camelus Dromedarius)

    Author(s): Mohamed A Nazih*

  • Review Article

    Factors Influencing the Growth and Development of Meat Animals

    Author(s): Tewodros Alemneh and Mebrate Getabalew

  • Research Article

    Nutritional Variation among Irrigated Species of Camel Browse Vegetations

    Author(s): Khaskheli AA, Mughal GA, Baloch MH, Khaskheli MI, Khaskheli GB, Khaskheli AJ, Barham GS, Khaskheli AA, Tunio SG and Nizamani MA

  • Research Article

    Assessment of Cattle Production Practices among Crop-Livestock Farmers in South West, Nigeria

    Author(s): Sosina AO, Babayemi OJ and Adeoso OA

  • Research Article

    Study on the Prevalence of Monezia Expansa in Debre Birhan Sheep Breeding and Multiplication Farm, Debre Birhan Town, Central Ethiopia

    Author(s): Getish Hilegiworgise, Assaye Wollelie*, Atirihun Mamo, and Yohannes Haileyesus