SM Addiction Research & Therapy

Current Issue Articles

Volume 1 Issue 1 - 2017
  • Short Communication

    Should Pharmacological Treatment for Adolescents with Opioid Dependence Differ from that for Adults?

    Author(s): Florian Ganzer

  • Case Report

    Ketamine Cystitis: A Case Report

    Author(s): Salsitz A Edwin, Spriggs Sharron and Friedman Trevor

  • Research Article

    Waterpipe Smoking: Gateway to or Escape from Cigarette Use among Current Waterpipe Users in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    Author(s): Naif H Alanazi* and Jerry W Lee

  • Research Article

    Beverage-Specific Alcohol Sales and Gender Difference in Life Expectancy in Russia

    Author(s): Razvodovsky YE

  • Brief Report

    Addressing the High Prevalence of Smokeless Tobacco Use in Pastoralist Communities of Ethiopia’s Adult: A Call to Action

    Author(s): Edao Sinba* and Mamusha Aman Hussen