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Volume 3 Issue 1 - 2017
  • Case Report

    Chondromyxoid Fibroma of the Calcaneus: A Case Report and Literature Review

    Author(s): Mohamed Amine Azami, Othman Lahbali, Iliass El alami, M Bassir, M Mahfoud, MS Berrada, F Zouidia and N Mahassini

  • Case Report

    Bilateral Fracture of Femoral Neck during Pregnancy: A Case of Spontaneous Healing

    Author(s): Alioune B Gueye, Lamine Sarr, Badara Dembele, Alioune B Diouf, Andre D Sane and Charles B Dieme

  • Perspective Article

    Osteoporosis as it Affects Men, Andropausal and Senior Males

    Author(s): Louis ZG TOUYZ and Sarah JJ TOUYZ

  • Review Article

    Muscle and Osteoarthritis Joint Status: Current Research Highlights and Their Implications

    Author(s): Ray Marks

  • Case Report

    Calcaneal Epithelioid Hemangioendothelioma: A Case Report

    Author(s): Othmane Lahbali, Mohamed Amine Azami, Mohammed Tbouda, Youssef Mahdi, Najwa Bourhoum, A Karabilla, M Mahfoud, MS Berrada, Fouad Zouaidia and Najat Mahassini

  • Review Article

    Atypical Stress Fractures in a Soldier

    Author(s): Yusuf ERDEM, Omer ERSEN and Dogan BEK

  • Case Report

    Treatment of Madelung Deformity: A Case Report and Literature Review

    Author(s): Arsan Hussien Salih Salih, Okan Aslantürk and Kadir Ertem

  • Case Report

    Post-Traumatic Compression of the Supra-Scapular Nerve: A Gunshot Wound on a Case

    Author(s): Bensalah MR, Zadoug O, Ouazzaa MR, Bennis A, Benchekroun M, Zine A, Raysouni Z, Tanane M and Jaafar A

  • Research Article

    Aseptic Humeral Shaft Non-union Predisposing Factor and Evaluation Treatment

    Author(s): Dembélé B, Coulibaly NF, Sarr L, Gueye AB, Diouf AB, Sané AD and Diémé CB

  • Research Article

    Decision Making in the Treatment of Anteroinferior Shoulder Instability - Clinical and Radiological Variables

    Author(s): Matthew C Evans, Adrian K Schneider, Gregory A Hoy and David Mc D Taylor

  • Clinical Image

    Dorsal Spine Puncture Injury: A Surgical Challenge

    Author(s): Jesús Morales Maza, Mauricio Zúñiga Zamora, Daniel Alberto Vargas Velásquez and Luis Cruz Benítez

  • Case Report

    Fracture of the Tibial Plateau with Lesions of the Poplite Artery and the Sciatic-Nerve External Poplite about a Case and Review of the Literature

    Author(s): Diouf AB, Dembélé B, Sarr L, Daffé M, Penda XND and Diémé CB

  • Case Report

    Dangerous Location of Osteochondroma: A Case Report

    Author(s): Jalal Y, Zaimi S, Ouzaa MR, Zine A and Jaafar A

  • Case Report

    Pseudarthrosis or Delayed Consolidation of the Sacrum (Diagnostic and Therapeutic Difficulties) - About a Case and Review of the Literature

    Author(s): Dembélé B, Diouf AB, Daffé M, Gueye AB, Sarr L, Nguessie I, Sané AD, Coulibaly NF and Diémé CB

  • Case Report

    An Atypical Location of a Projectile in Sacrum about a Case

    Author(s): Diouf AB, Daffé M, Dembélé B, Sarr L, Sane AD, Coulibaly NF, Nguessi I and Diémé CB

  • Research Article

    Surgical Site Infection in Orthopedic Surgery at Dantec University Hospital Center

    Author(s): Guèye Alioune Badara, Kinkpé Charles, Diouf Alioune Badara, Kivandat Destin, Niane Mouhamadou, Sarr Lamine, Dembélé Badara, Daffé Mohamed and Diémé Charles

  • Case Report

    Case of Ulnar Intraneural Primitive Ossification in the Elbow Area

    Author(s): Alioune Badara Gueye, Charles Valérie Alain Kinkpé, Badara Dembélé, Mouhamadou Moustapha Niane, Ndeye Fatou Coulibaly Ndiaye, Francis Chaise and Diemé Charles

  • Research Article

    Chronic Pandiaphysity with Chronic Osteomyelitis

    Author(s): Lamine Sarr, Badara Dembélé, Daffé Mouhamed, Diouf Alioune Badara, Souleymane Diao, Alioune Badara Gueye, Joseph Diouf, Idris Nguessie Noumbou, Ndeye Fatou Coulibaly and Charles Diémé