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Editor Guidelines

Editors ensure the written quality of print and online publications. Their duties might include reading manuscripts, making sure that a writer's formatting fits for guidelines, correcting grammatical or factual errors and making suggestions for improvement. They may also be responsible for selecting articles or manuscripts for publication, assisting with design layout and overseeing other aspects of publication.

Your primary role as Review Editor is to referee the peer-reviews of submitted manuscripts. Review Editors are the referees of manuscripts during the peer-review process. They are responsible for certifying the validity and accuracy of publications, and for helping authors to improve the quality of their research.

Guidelines to be followed

Article Acceptance/Rejection If the Review Editors are satisfied with the authors' efforts at amending the manuscript, they then briefly finalize their Interactive Review Reports.

Once a manuscript is accepted, the authors receive an automated notification informing them of the acceptance and the provisional PDF will instantly appear online.

Being an editor, he/she should carry out their responsibilities with much dedication to improve the quality of the journal. It is advisable to oversee the journal policies time to time and assisting the publisher in maintaining the journal's quality towards serving the scientific community.

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