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SM Dermatology Journal (SMDJ)


Current Issue Articles

Volume 3 Issue 3 - 2017
  • Research Article

    Biomineralogy of Selected Skin Cancers

    Author(s): Maciej Pawlikowski and Magdalena Miler

  • Research Article

    The Clinical Picture of Rosacea Depending on Demodex Mites

    Author(s): Kubanov Alexey, Gallyamova Yulia and Kravchenko Anzhela

  • Case Report

    Malassezia Spp. beyond The Mycobiota

    Author(s): Celis AM, Wösten HAB, Triana S, Restrepo S and de Cock H

  • Research Article

    The Dermatome and Its Thickness Setting: What You Set Is Not What You Get

    Author(s): Annebeth Meij-de Vries, Floris E Aartsen, Pieta Krijnen, Dorotka T Roodbergen, Jos FPM Vloemans and Roelf S Breedervelda

  • Research Article

    NIR Laser Therapy in the Management of Feline Stomatitis

    Author(s): Paolo Squarzoni, Daniele Bani, Francesca Cialdai and Monica Monici