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International Journal of Animal Science


Current Issue Articles

Volume 2 Issue 2 - 2018
  • Short Communication

    Probiotics with Dimethyl Hydrazine Induced Animal Study as New Psychological Study Model

    Author(s): Abhinandan Patil, John Disouza and Shivaji Pawar

  • Research Article

    Studies on Semen Processing, Cryopreservation and Artificial Insemination in Dromedary Camel

    Author(s): Akbar SJ, Hassan SM and Ahmad M

  • Research Article

    Growth Performance of Broilers Supplemented with Madre De Agua (Trichanthera gigantea Nees), Malunggay (Moringaoleifera Lam) and Pinto Peanut (Arachispintoikrap & Greg) Leaf Meals

    Author(s): Gofredo Jonna P, Espina Dinah M and Poliquit Angie R

  • Research Article

    Effects of Dietary Protein and Fat Levels on Growth Performance and Meat Quality in Finishing Pigs while Maintaining Sufficient Lysine

    Author(s): Keisuke Maeda, Kousuke Yamanaka, Masanaritoyoshi and Masakazu Irie

  • Research Article

    Influence of Diabetes and Gestation in Blood Biochemistry Variables in Wistar Rats

    Author(s): Tammy Fernández Romero, Gipsis Suárez Román, Carlos LPérez, Tatiana Acosta Sánchez and Sonia Clapés Hernández